Sea To Summit X-Set 11 3pc - SS22 - Blue / Grey / Yellow - mens / womens - One

Sea To Summit X-Set 11 3pc. Have some time out with a hot drink and take in your surroundings with the X-Set 11. This comes with a 1.3L X-Pot Kettle and two X-Mugs, all of which can be easily stored away discreetly. A two-person kettle and mug set for hot coffee and cocoa on the trail, this 3 pc set includes 2 X-Mugs accompanying 1 X-Pot Kettle, all of which compacts inside the X-Pot. X-Pot Kettle 1.3L A versatile addition to camping life, the X-Pot Kettle can be used as a traditional kettle, boiling enough for two warm meals, or to be used as a pot for items such as; rice or pasta, due to the wide rim and stable handles. The product has a wide base, which absorbs the maximum heat from a stove, whilst also protecting the silicone walls, ensuring top quality for the long run. There are two glass-reinforced Nylon 6-6 handles, which are also used for supporting the upper rim, and improve your stability and control when you're pouring. A silicon strap ensures that the lid and handles stay secure when travelling to the next place. X-Mug The X-Mug is the perfect drinking vessel to take with you on your next adventures, the mug can hold 480ml of liquid, the perfect amount to keep you toasty after a long walk. The rigid ring within the mug keeps the product sturdy, ensuring no accidents or spillages, and also makes it easy to drink from. The cup can be collapsed flat into a disk shape, allowing for compact packing. The product uses food-grade flexible silicone, which is perfect for storing hot drinks and liquid in without damage occurring.

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